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Article Marketing

Article Marketing by Butch Hamilton

Article Marketing is a Deliberate Art

Writing articles for marketing on Google in 2017 is an art form all unto itself. Simply sitting down in front of a pc, and conveying information, in a very specific way, that is to say, for the search engine spiders to come, assimilate and take that information to a top keyword position where people will find it, is indeed an art form, and one that very few can, or have taken the time to master. One must realize that the Internet causes the human mind to comprehend much more at one time than it was designed to do. The losing of focus, or the absolute running from one thing to another on the web is quite common. It is vitally necessary to still this violent, aggressive and simply not needed behavior, in order to fully tap into the eternal ebb and flow that is the modern day Internet on Google


Article Marketing is a Slow Deliberate Process

When writing articles for search engine spiders, that will lead to humans finding and being able to absorb information properly is a very slow, careful and deliberate process. Just the act of writing original articles is okne thing that most people find so distasteful, that they will resort to any new found gadget before actually sitting quietly, thinking and writing. One should take a careful note here. There is no secret sofware, no program, no programming engineer, and no shortcuts to article marketing. Oh sure, one may be driven to excel with article spinners, but from personal experience and testing, article spinners are something that should never be used. They are not efficient, effective, and only serve to delude the purchaseer of such snake oil, into thinking that they are really saturating the web with content. One is doing that for sure. Saturating the dump ground of the web would be a term that would suit the use use of gimmicks and gadgets that attempt to replace actual writing from authers like Butch Hamilton. Years of in the trenches writing for search engine spiders will tell anyone, article marketing can, and will be effective, only if it is pursued in the right way. Slowly, carefully, methodically and with great intent, purpose and visualization involved.

Hire Butch Hamilton to Write Your Content!

Butch Hamilton can, and will accomplish what you either are not able to do, or, are just to busy to accomplish. For Butch Hamilton, article marketing, creating content, thinking original thoughts and putting into words these creative and inspired thoughts is simply another day at the office. There is no excitement, no strain, no stress and no drama involved in writing for Butch Hamilton. Hiring this legendary web author is one of the best things that anyone can do to futher their Internet cause.

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Writer for Hire!

Article Marketing is not AN answer. Article Marketing is THE Answer!
Butch Hamilton - Writer for Hire!

Butch Hamilton, noted author, passionate content creator, out of the box thinking, visualization master, unique and professional writer of keyword specific information, is now available for content writing for the following services listed on the world wide web of 2017.

Hamilton Specializes in the Follow Creative Writing Methods:

  • Original Keyword Specific Content for Websites
  • Creative Writing for Blogs, Forums, Press Releases, Videos, Podcasts, Images
  • No Topic Is Out of Bounds!
    No Limits to the Amount of Content Needed
    No Contracts Required
  • All Articles Created Will Be Paid for In Advance!
  • Articles May Be Revised Up to Three Times
  • Once Butch Hamilton Submits the Articles on His Own Network, No Refunds Given!

Simply put, Butch Hamilton writes for the search engine spiders of the world wide web like no other working author today. Since 2004, no one has accomplished on the web, what he has done. Armed with the most distinctive and far ranging talent of being able to tap into the ebb and flow of information on the web, and instruct the search engine spiders as to the exact location on the Internet is the ultimate secret to his continuing success.

Butch Hamilton is the quintessential example of simplicity. As a matter of fact, no one views the Internet like he does. He never complicates, nor over compensates with article spinners, secret software downloads, lead generation systems, and is no longer associated with anyone online. His tough, persistence and often times devastating experiences with some people on the Internet have taught him very well to steer clear of all who proclaim much, and offer him little in return for his amazing talents on the Internet for spider writing.

Hamilton's intent and purpose on the web, follows his most unique and simple lifestyle. Simply doing what he says he will do, and always accomplishing what no other can do on the web is precisely the way that he works online, and the way that he lives as well. A testament to a positive and uplifting lifestyle, that simply grows and blooms, as the years go by.

The Attributes of Butch Hamilton-Author

Butch Hamilton follows no one on the world wide web, nor in real life either. His dogged determination to live life on his own terms leads him to success on the web that few have been able to master. The attitudes of persistence, longevity, positivity, creativity, a new quit attitude and a loyalty to paying clients is unmatched on the Internet today. He is single handedly taking back the Internet from the liars, scam artists and thieves who lurk about stopping to low down techniques of stealing, lying and cheating people online. This dedicated doer of good on the web, is a most positive statement in right direction for a change, when it comes to fulfilling paying clients needs and desire when it comes to creating the best content for the best views on Google.

Quietly and progressively going his own way, on the Internet, as well as in real life, has opened new realms of the Universe for Butch Hamilton, that few know exist. Visualization, the art of seeing before accomplishing, is the hallmark of this most unique, creative master of the written word. For each and every client that his creative mastery of words touches, the visualization process precedes any other activity. Arranging his thought patterns into the direction of what is to be written about, takes Hamilton far into the niche marketing realm on the Internet in such a way that few can scarcely even comprehend his methods, or his madness in creating the best content for his esteemed and most cherished clients.

Butch Hamilton Knows Content, Knows Google, Knows the Secret to Online Success!

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