Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Starving Artists Wanted!: Starving Artists (Wanted!)

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ABOUT THE ARTIST - Michael Moyowachena

Michael Moyowachena was born on the 16th of December 1974.His artistic skills started at a tender age of 6 when he molded stunning moulds out of clay . By the time he completed high school he was already a master of sculptures , as he joined a group of sculptors in the neighborhood in Zimbabwe . He is now based in South Africa where he stays with his wife and 2 children



Most of Michael's sculptures are made from hard , semi-precious rocks like savanna marble /butter-jade , verdite , Africa stone etc . He uses hand tools like hammer and chisel to make the outline of whatever artefact he works on . He pays particular attention to proportion and detail, that makes him a darling with art collectors from all over the world . His work has been exhibited in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the States

When a sculpture is in shape , electric tools are used such as die grinders and tungsten carbide burrs as the rocks are to hard to work on using hand tools.

When all the carving is done , sand papers and water are used starting from a coarse grit to the finest grit . Heat is then applied to the sculptures so that it absorbs the clear floor polish wax, then the natural color of the stone come out with a shiny glean as a result of continuous polishing .