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Where Do I Post Classified Ads?

Where to Post Classified Ads

The Best Location to Post Classified Ads

The question of where to post classified ads is a many faceted one that contains many answers. Obviously, I could go on and on about where to post classified ads like Craigslist, which is probably one of the most popular. Facebook, which contains many features that seem to appeal to a large audience on the web. Other classified ad services where one can go, post and get good results. These are substantial places in which to post classified ads; however, I am more concerned with the actual SEO, or search engine optimized feature of the classified ad site that I consider posting my information upon.

The Way I Choose a Classified Ad Site

The classified ad site that I choose must meet certain criteria, in other words, must offer me substantial services in which to create my ads, track my ads and keep all of my advertisements in one location so that I do not have to run here and there in order to locate a particular ad that I have posted. You see, I am always in the process of honing, revising, making better and generally overseeing my classified ads in order for them to get the best views and visitors. If I see a particular advertisement that I have written no doing as well as expected, I will go back, revise, test and redo the content, and repost the ad. I never just leave ads alone. Too often, people on the Internet construct websites, and never go back to revise, rethink, retest and therefore, the website lands in the junkyard of the Internet called digital wasteland. This is where a great many sites will land, and will never be seen by anyone again.

The Essential Ingredients of a Classified Advertising Site

1. Longevity - The classified ad site where I post my classified ads must have been around on the web for a number of years, and been properly seasoned with time and linking. I always check the domain to see how long that it has been active, and if there have been any problems reported with the site. This is easily checked by doing a Google search on the domain in question.

2. Ease of Operation - The seamless classified advertising site must be easy to operate, easy to use and easy to create unlimited classified ads, all in HTML capable content that is appealing and will do well in terms of gaining readers and interest.

3. Cost Effective - I consider cost effective Internet advertising via classified ads a very important aspect. I am not going to spend money needlessly for anything on the web; therefore, finding a good, substantial, long lasting classified ad entity that is cost effective is very important to me.

4. Tracking and Results - The classified ad system that I choose must provide me with all the tracking and data that I need in order to track all of my results easily and effortlessly. I do not want to waste my valuable time in trying to find out information about the effectiveness of my ads. I want that tracking information very handy and easy to access.

5. Customer Support - My classified advertising choice must have excellent customer support in case something goes wrong. All websites act up occasionally. It is all part of the digital world. I want my information to stay intact and in view all the time.

6. Unlimited Ads - My classified ad system must allow me unlimited numbers of advertisements. I am a very prolific writer, therefore, I will create an amazing amount of content in a month. I want my classified ad system to allow me to have full creative capability for my writing ability.

7. No Downtime - A website should remain live and intact all of the time. There is no telling when someone, somewhere will find my information and wish to contact me. Having a solid hosting plan for classified advertising is a must.

8. Keeping My Content Live - I do not want my classified ad system to take privileges with my content. I do my best to see that all of the content that I write is good, original, ethical and moral, and I expect my classified ad system to maintain all of that priority information for me, and much more.

9. Censorship - I do my best to keep my content within moral and ethical bounds. I have never written something that would be considered off color. I expect my classified advertising system to meet these guidelines and provide me with stable domain hosting, and excellent results.

10. Long Lasting - I have to have the classified advertising articles that I write to stay live until I want to take them down on the web. I do not want some programmer somewhere telling me what I can do, and not do. I know for a fact that Craigslist is very bad about this. This is the reason that I choose NOT to use Craigslist to post my special content upon.

This all leads to what I believe is the best place to post classified ads: The Wildcat SEO Master Internet Ads

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